'Health is wealth'

My mother never tired of drumming these words into us when we were growing up. But life rarely puts an old head on young shoulders, so it was not until I was infected with Morgellons Disease in 2009 that I started to appreciate how wise she was.

And it was that devastating assault on my health that dragged me kicking and screaming me to walk the hard, rocky road of discovery, to see clearly the lies and deceptions upon which The Trickster's world was built, and the treacherous and doomed people who helped to build it.

Morgellons was both the worst and the best thing that ever happened to me. From it came all the answers I needed when life got crazy and tough. It's a gift that keeps on giving, and it's very far from done yet. Out of it sprang the ICU pack which was initially created to run on Chinese Spooky2 software. Our dissatisfaction and increasing problems with that led us to find the miraculous Shatter software, a modern American solution which is more efficient and far easier for non-technical people to understand and operate, especially when they're unwell or elderly.

At the moment of launch, there are about 1,500 jewels, with more than 7,000 unpolished precious stones ready to sparkle with life and the light of Creation. We plan to double those numbers in the next three months, and we have software and hardware works of art lined up that will take your breath away.



Something like this has to cost an arm and a leg, right? Wrong. A year's subscription to ICU costs less than 10 cups of mediocre coffee – $50 gets you the ICU package I've just described with all updates for 12 months. And although we have no formal connection with Shatter Software other than to translate all our work to run in that program, the authors have kindly offered to make things easier for our users by offering the option on their website to subscribe to ICU and to Shatter at the same time for an extra $50.

So a $100 yearly payment gets you both packages – the ICU bundle and the ground-breaking Shatter software. Plus, for the next three months, we'll be furiously pumping out radical new work every week. Then the Niagara will ease off to one update each month, then every three months.

Is $100 expensive? Well, add up the cost of a doctor's visit or two, plus what you'll pay the drug store/pharmacy for a course of medication (and a second if the first doesn't work). Then tell us it's expensive.

Some people have privately called us crazy to do this for such a ludicrously low price. We disagree. We think we're crazy like a fox because we intend to put a Shatter ICU system into every home on Earth.

So, you wanna rock your world? Or drink bad coffee?

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